Società del Travertino Romano SpA

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Head Office

00198 Roma
Via Savoia, 78

Accounting/Marketing Office

Guidonia Montecelio (Roma)
Via delle Cave, 13

Tel. +39.0774529254
Tel. +39.0774526260
Tel. +39.0774528588
Fax. +39.0774526233


Guidonia Montecelio (Roma)
Loc. "Valle Pilella"

Guidonia Montecelio (Roma)
Loc. "Le Fosse"

Tivoli (Roma)
Loc. "Barco"


Guidonia Montecelio (Roma)
Via delle Cave, 13

Tivoli (Roma)
Via del Barco, 22


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Roman Travertine

The Società del Travertino Romano was born in 1916 to extract marble from its own quarry of 24 hectares in the townland of "Le Fosse". Until 1970 it consolidated its extraction capacity, extending and deepending the quarry and therefore enriching its range of commercial products. It was in view of providing a greater production variety that the company launched an additional produciton cycle in 1950 to process blocks as panels and manufactures. Therefore was born the Società del Travertino Romano's first production line which the company up-date year by year with the introduction of increasingly advanced cutting and polishing. Società del Travertino Romano is now one of the most innovative producers in the sector.

But it was in the 1970s that the company embarked on its great commercial growth phase. Nationally, it became a market leader and conquered the "public square" of Verona, internationally, it conquered the United States (Security Pacific N.B. and the Texaco Building are just two of its American projects). Germany. France and Belgium. To address growing demand of a result of its market pentration worldwide. STR acquired a new quarry in 1975 in the townland of "Barco" and this further increased the range of travertine marbles on offer. In the first half of the 1980s, the company went on to win over the Middle eastern market. Meanwhile, Società del Travertino Romano had assumed the management of the Filippo Cecchetti Company's quarry in "Valle Pilella", a travertine basin, and now had advanced capacity for planning, development and marble processing. In Saudi Arabia in particular Società del Travertino Romano worked on some highly prestigious projects, such as the National Commercial Bank, the Meridien Hotel, The Ministry for Pilgrinages and others.

Sferodiedro by Claudio Capotondi

At the turn of the 1980s, Società del Travertino Romano was working with architects of renown such as Paolo Portoghesi and Gino Marotta and with the sculptor Claudio Capotondi. The company therefore inaugurated its Art and Architecture branch known as the Officina Romana del Disegno. Here sculptures are designed along with furnishings, individual items and urban enhancement features. In 1996, the compan Marmi Cecchetti fuse with Società del Travertino Romano boosting production capacity further and adding a sawmill and a new processing plant to its facilities. There was an additional fusion in 1997 with Società del Travertino Romano's incorporation of Universal Graniti and this further enriched the company's skill in marble processing. In a new processing plant, marketing strategies are elaborated around global market demand. Today, STR extracts travertine marbles from all three basins in the Tivoli and Guidonia areas ("Valle Pilella", "Barco" and "Le Fosse"). All in the Roman hinterland, the company's main quarry is at "Valle Pilella" and extends over 14 hectares.

Flusso dimanico by Silvio Cilli

From this basin, classical, white, alabaster and clear-striped travertines are extracted. At "Barco", Società del Travertino Romano quarries on two fronts of three and five hectares each, extracting white, walnut, noisetteand yellow tranertines. At "Le Fosse", Società del Travertino Romano owns a 24-hectare quarry extracting yellow, white and noisette marble. The blocks are processed as panels, manufactures and furnishings in three plants at Guidonia, Tivoli. So, given its extraction and processing potential with the support of three tecnical, marketing and administrative units, Società del Travertino Romano has the capacity to satisfy any demand from anywhere in the worid.