str società del travertino romano spa
  • str società del travertino romano spa
  • str società del travertino romano spa
    The Artistic Studio of the STR
    A laboratory also hosts local and international
    artists who want to try out their artistry at
    working with travertine.
  • str società del travertino romano spa
    A century of tradition
    The STR company was established over 100 years ago.
    Today, it has become a competitor on the market
    with its state of the art tools.
  • str società del travertino romano spa
    The art of extraction since 1916
    A leader in the natural stone industry,
    focussing on product selection and
    qualified planning consultation.
  • STR società del travertino romano
    Bringing ideas to life
    Projects that merge creativity and style,
    use avant-garde production processes and
    ultimately satisfy the demands of the global market
  • Travertino Romano STR
    The Very Best Materials
    Carefully selected by our master marble workers
    who skilfully bring out all the unique features and hidden value,
    colour shades and precious nuances.

Società del Travertino Romano


Over a century engraved in stone.

Natural stone, the most esteemed marbles, the most solid of granites, the most refined travertine: STR represents technology, passion, design and quality in the marble and other natural stone sectors. Established over one hundred years ago, today a great competitor on the market thanks to the most state of the art tools. Interior and exterior cladding, flooring, stairs, decorative work, urban elements and much much more. With all this behind them, STR can satisfy any request from all over the world.

Fields of competence:







str lippiello

Recent Projects


years of success
in the ornamental
stone industry.

Significative Clients

  • National Commercial Bank Jeddah
  • Università degli Studi Roma Tre
  • Roma Capitale
  • Enel
  • Camera dei Deputati
  • Farnesina
  • Sheraton
  • Vatican City
  • Texaco

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Sales Manager

Dr. Gianluca Troiani
Mob: +39 328 721 1123  Email:

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00012 Guidonia Montecelio (RM)
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