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Guidonia, Rome
Via delle Cave 13


Guidonia, Rome
Loc. Valle Pilella

Guidonia, Rome
Loc. Le Fosse

Tivoli, Rome
Loc. Barco


Guidonia, Roma
Via delle Cave 13

Tivoli, Roma
Via del Barco 22

Gruppo Lippiello

The Lippiello Group covers a number of companies specialised in all activities linked to the use of marble. From design to creation, for over twenty years it has been a leader of the main marble markets.

The companies of the group

Società Travertino Romano

Società del Travertino Romano

Founded in 1920, it is one of the most esteemed and established companies in the international market of travertine extraction and processing. It boasts quarries, sawmills, a technically state of the art workshop and highly qualified staff.

Officina Romana Disegno

Officina Romana del Disegno

This Group represents the destination point of the innovative artistic development of the STR, thanks to the collaboration of some of Italy’s most famous architects, it represents an expression of applied modern architecture.

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