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The Quarries

The art of extraction since 1916

The Società del Travertino Romano Spa extracts travertine from three quarries in the Tivoli and Guidonia basin: “Valle Pilella”, “Barco” and “Le Fosse”. With this mining and processing potential, alongside their technical-commercial and administrative office, the Società del Travertino Romano can undertake commissions from all over the world.

Our most esteemed quarry is located in “Valle Pilella” and covers 14 hectares, where we extract travertine known as classico, bianco, alabasterino and striato chiaro. In “Barco”, the Società del Travertino Romano Spa works in two quarries of three and five hectares respectively, where we extract bianco, noce, noisette and paglierino travertine. In “Le Fosse”, STR Spa owns a 24 hectare quarry in which we extract paglierino, bianco and noisette travertine. The blocks are transformed into slabs, processed products and decorative objects in our two workshops in Guidonia and Tivoli.

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