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Processing Methods

Over a century of tradition

STR represents technology and design, as well as the highest quality travertine, marble and other natural stone. The company was established over one hundred years ago and today is a leader on the market thanks to its state of the art tools. The blocks are transformed into slabs, processed products, decorative objects, interior and exterior cladding, flooring, stairs, decorative furnishings, urban elements and much more in our two workshops in Guidonia and Tivoli.

Fields of competence

STR Progettazione Edile


From the initial idea right up to the finished product, we work in close contact with our clients, elaborating their requests with creative solutions and transforming them into innovative, quality constructs.

STR Progettazione Interni


Over time, we have built up specific experience in high-class interior design. The synergy between technical solutions and travertine is reflected in the harmony of innovative yet traditional environments.

STR Progettazione Urbana


Decorating is a prestigious and delicate task; it requires skill, experience, sensitivity and attention to detail. For years, STR has been a well-established and appreciated company in the area.

Customised Production

STR Polishing


As well as cutting the material into slabs, STR also uses avant-garde systems and processing lines to transform and process marble and travertine in a myriad of ways.

STR Finishes


Thanks to technologically-advanced machinery, STR is able to undertake a number of surface treatments on the stone, using various combinations of finishes from the most traditional to the most innovative.

STR Cutting


Upon the client’s orders, we can cut the stone to measure right down to the floor; with this technology, the company has become a specialist in the production of high-quality semi-processed pieces.

We Are Worldwide

intervention areas

Los Angeles

Security National Bank

New York

Chase Bank
Texaco Building


Concert Hall
Kimbal Museum


The Conception


Espoon Kultturikeskus


Piazza Montecitorio
Biblioteca Hertziana
Ministero Affari Esteri
Palazzo Corrodi
Università Roma Tre
Centro Servizi Giubileo
Restauro Ponte Sisto IV
Scuola Romana Architettura
Piazza Dante
Hotel Ibis Tor Vergata


Bic Palace


Sport University
Radio Liberty Building


Meridien Hotel
Ministero degli Esteri
Al Madinah Building
Municipal Swimming Pool


Arab Academy


Ministery of Hajj
Military Hospital


Lagoon Members Project

Hong Kong

Standard Chartered Bank


Lotte Hotel


Sheraton Hotel De Luxe

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Dr. Gianluca Troiani
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